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Recent product reviews

Excellent quality. by - Fri, March 31, 2017

Good colours and long lasting. Quite thick so take some getting used to! by - Mon, March 27, 2017

Good colours, show well on a blackboard. Lasted longer than expected and a good sized nib for more precise writing by - Mon, March 27, 2017

Study and very good looking. The best quality A board I've owed, it's received lots of compliments! The board itself is also easy to clean and shows no signs of wear despite being used for different designs over and over again. by - Mon, March 27, 2017

Do what they need to do. I stained mine and they look great. by - Mon, March 27, 2017

Great product and really good value. They are perfect for what I need them for. by - Mon, March 27, 2017

by - Sat, March 25, 2017

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